We help you build your email list, your authority and your bottom line.

Superior Content

Providing your audience with a steady stream of brilliant content isn’t easy. But it’s the life blood of your business so you HAVE TO do it — no matter how busy you are.

Done For You

PlumeSocial does all the heavy lifting for you! With only 5-10 minutes a week of your time (and many hours of our time!), we create customized content for you, reach out to your audience so you can focus on what you need to.

Your Voice

Your audience wants to hear what you have to say, not an overpaid ghostwriter trying to sound like you. PlumeSocial delivers your content. In your voice. In no time.

Reach your audience and build your business. Effortlessly.

It’s your voice and your message. And it’s done-for-you.

What We Do

PlumeSocial is done-for-you content creation and publishing for entrepreneurs, thought leaders, experts and authors. Our team of experts helps you create great content and deliver it to your expanding audience through done-for-you content marketing best practices.

Stop spending hours & hours struggling to write your blog (or feeling guilty that you aren’t!).
Stop wasting time on weak social media and traffic strategies.
Stop wondering how you can find the time to keep up to the latest ‘algorithm’ changes.

Work with us and get PROVEN TACTICS & STRATEGIES done-for-you.

Why Choose Us?

  • Add thousands of Emails to your List
  • Become a Thought Leader, not a Follower
  • Get 10,000+ visitors to your site
  • Recapture your Time.
  • 100,000+ views on YouTube


Learn More About Our Services

Since we started working with PlumeSocial, my blogging has become effortless, my subscribers have skyrocketed and my global pagerank has improved exponentially.

– Bryan Franklin, Executive Coach to seven (7) different billion dollar companies

Content Marketing Becomes Painless

With us, you get targeted, compelling content for your audience:  your blog readers, email subscribers and all your social media sources. And, since we leverage our content marketing expertise and our relationships for you (using dozens of innovative SEO hacks along the way) — you build your audience, your reputation and your business.

And it only takes minutes of your time each week.

Our Experts Become Your Experts

We have a team of 7-figure marketers behind our system, strategizing to maximize your SEO and ROI. We leverage our proven Interview Technique to help you provide your audience with a steady stream of high-calibre content. And we save you tons of time because PlumeSocial does all of the busy work — the crafting, the revising, the publishing.

We let you focus on what you need to be focusing on.

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